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Trusted Window Replacement Service in Oshawa


Windows are an indispensable element for any building. They not only let light and air into your house, but they also provide security. Cracked or damaged windows can be a threat to your home's safety. If you plan to change your home windows, contact MDS Home Renovations for professional window replacement in Oshawa. With over 30 years of experience in home renovations, you can trust our skilled staff. Contact our team today to ask for a quote.

Types of Windows

  • Fixed windows: These windows are fixed to the wall and cannot be opened or closed. They are excellent for framing scenic views and allowing the most natural light into your spaces.
  • Awning windows: These windows open outwards and are often used in combination with other larger windows to enhance the view and ventilation.
  • Casement windows: These windows are the most common ones. Their shutters are attached to frames for hassle-free opening and closing.
  • Tilt-turn windows: These versatile, dual-functioning windows can be tilted and opened from the top for ventilation or turned to open inwards.
  • Bay and bow windows: Crafted from a combination of windows, both bay and bow windows create an appealing curve that extends beyond the walls. They offer the perfect blend of functionality and beauty.
  • Hopper windows: These are like upside-down awning windows with a sash that opens inwards from the top. They are a space-saving alternative to large windows.

We do our best to help you find the perfect windows to match your home. If you are looking for reliable window replacement services in Oshawa, reach out to us.

Window Repair vs Replacement


Some minor issues, such as chipped paint, damaged casing, and worn caulking can be repaired; however, if there are problems that are irreparable, you may consider window replacement. Moreover, replacing old windows can be a great way to upgrade your home. Here are a few instances when replacement is recommended over repairs:

  • If the windows are old and have uninsulated glasses
  • If the windows are drafty and leading to increased energy consumption
  • If the windows are getting foggy
  • If you have single-pane windows that are not energy efficient
  • If your windows are excessively damaged and the cost of repairs is considerably high

If you notice any of the above signs, get in touch with us for window replacement in Oshawa. We have offered satisfactory solutions to many clients and would love to assist you too.

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Need Window Replacement in Oshawa?

Reach out to the experienced team at MDS Home Renovations!

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