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Top-notch Basement Renovation in Oshawa


Are you considering renovating your basement to be a more creative and functional space? Nowadays, people love to renovate their basements and turn them into valuable and beautiful rooms. If you want to extend your living space, reach out to us at MDS Home Renovations for impressive basement renovations in Oshawa. The options to turn your basement into a functional space are endless, from a bar or recreational room to a home office or fitness room. So, why wait? Get in touch with us and transform your basement into an inviting and comfortable place.

Basement Renovation Process

We listen to your needs and follow a step-by-step process to renovate your basement:


  1. Discussing your ideas: We carefully listen to your ideas and desires and go through every detail to ensure your vision is brought to life in the final result.

  2. Creating a design: Based on the discussion, we create a design to help you see your finished basement. We also prepare a detailed schedule, including cost, time, and other crucial factors.

  3. Choosing materials: We collaborate with you to choose the materials and finishes that suit your visual and functional needs.

  4. Turning your dream into reality: We start renovating your basement using our expert skills, creativity, and craftsmanship.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Basement Renovation


The factors affecting the cost of basement renovation in Oshawa are as follows:


  • Size of your basement
    The size of your basement is a fundamental factor influencing the renovation cost. Larger spaces require more materials and labour, resulting in higher overall expenses. Additionally, larger basements may involve more intricate designs and layouts, increasing costs.


  • Cost of labour
    Labour costs play a significant role in the overall budget of your basement renovation. Skilled professionals such as carpenters, electricians, plumbers, and painters will charge according to their expertise and the project's complexity. MDS Home Renovations offers competitive pricing for skilled labour to ensure quality workmanship.


  • Bathroom installation
    Including a bathroom in your basement renovation can substantially impact costs. Adding plumbing fixtures, drainage systems, and ventilation for a bathroom requires additional materials and specialized labour. We have experienced professionals who can efficiently handle the installation of bathrooms, providing cost-effective solutions without compromising quality.


  • Egress Window
    Compliance with safety regulations may necessitate the installation of an egress window or window in your basement. This is a critical factor for safety and can contribute to the overall cost of the renovation. 


  • Flooring options
    The flooring material is another critical factor influencing the basement renovation cost. High-quality materials such as hardwood or ceramic tiles typically come at a higher price than more budget-friendly options like laminate or vinyl. We have many flooring collections to suit different budgets and preferences.

Benefits of Renovating Your Basement


Basement renovations enhance your home space efficiently. Here are some of the benefits of basement renovation:


  • Improved storage: If you do not have enough storage space or are fed up with unorganized storage areas in your home, renovating your basement can help you create a more organized, spacious, clean, and accessible space for storing essential items.

  • Work-life balance: If you do not have the time to go out for recreational activities, you can turn your basement into a home gym, home office, yoga studio, gaming zone, or any other place per your interests. 

  • Increased property value: A renovated basement adds an appealing point to your home, increasing your property's value for resale.

  • Source of supplemental income: You can renovate your basement to create a beautiful living space and rent it out for additional income.


Besides offering basement renovations in Oshawa, we also provide bathroom and kitchen renovations. Reach out to us for your basement renovation project.

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Are you looking to transform your basement into a stylish and functional space? Look no further than MDS Home Renovations! Our trained team specializes in basement renovation in Oshawa, which exceeds expectations. 

Have questions about our services or want to discuss your project? Contact us today via phone or email. We value your inquiries and look forward to collaborating on your dream basement renovation project. At MDS Home Renovations, we strive for excellence in every detail, ensuring your satisfaction from concept to completion.


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Let us help you transform your space with top-grade basement renovations in Oshawa.

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