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Top-quality Home Improvement Services in Oshawa, Durham Region, Northumberland and Surrounding Area

Do you feel that your property could benefit from a little upgrade? At MDS Home Renovations, we can provide you with high-quality home improvement services in Oshawa. From the GTA to Durham Region to Northumberland, customers have hired MDS Home Renovations time and again because of our commitment to the highest quality of work in interior residential and commercial renovations. 

We do the carpentry, tiling and other work at which we excel, and we hire proven professionals like licensed electricians and plumbers to handle their areas of expertise. That’s why our work is always up to code. So, if you are looking for home improvement in Oshawa, reach out to us, and our team of professionals will help with your renovation needs.


All Types of Interior Renovations

Hire MDS Home Renovations for virtually any work, including complete interior renovations and any type of home improvement in Oshawa. We handle:

  • Bathrooms: We provide quality bathroom renovations for both large and small spaces. You can contact us for upgrades like luxury spa bathrooms, modern bathrooms, step-less showers, etc.
  • Kitchens: We offer custom kitchens to those who want to design their kitchen from scratch. If you have a unique area that requires a custom-built kitchen, we can help!

  • Flooring: We provide flooring solutions for both residential and commercial spaces. From simple hardwood floors to luxurious carpets, we have the style you need. Some of our flooring options include:

- Hardwood

- Ceramic tile

- Laminate

- Vinyl

  • Windows and doors: We can replace your existing windows with new energy-efficient options, or we can install brand new ones if you have more space to work with.
  • Complete basements: We can retrofit your basement to make it more functional. Our team can install various features, like walk-in closets and other storage options.
  • Drywalling and taping: We can install new drywall or repair existing walls, including ceilings and floors. Our professionals are available to help you with any type of remodelling project.
  • Painting: We can provide a wide range of painting services, including interior and exterior painting. Contact us to paint your home or commercial property.
  • T-bar and texture ceilings: We can install these ceiling types in kitchens, bathrooms, dining rooms, living rooms, and other areas of your house or office space.
  • Plumbing and electrical work: Our team can install and help you with bathroom fixtures, kitchen appliances, lighting fixtures, and other plumbing or electrical needs.

Check out our before and after and on-the-job pictures to have a glance at our past home improvement projects in Oshawa.

Service Area

Oshawa, Durham Region, Northumberland and surrounding area

Beautiful Design and Functional Specifications

At MDS Home Renovations, we are committed to providing you with beautiful design and timely renovation services. We can help you plan and optimize your space to fit your specific needs and concerns. Whether you are looking at tweaking your interiors a little bit or want to go for a complete interior overhaul, our skilled team can transform your home to reflect your desires and aspirations. A standard solution for every problem won't cut it. Count on our team for a customized solution based on your specific needs.

Protecting Your Property

At MDS Home Renovations, we realize that being invited inside someone’s home or place of business is a mark of trust. We never violate that trust, keeping our work area clean and your property undamaged. We carry out the entire renovation project in the most minimally invasive manner. 


Contact Us

Over the years, from serving clients across the region, we have been able to emerge as the trusted home improvement contractor of Oshawa. Our wide clientele gives ringing testimony to the quality of our services. Our attention to detail and customer-centric approach has made us the go-to contractor in the area. Read our client testimonials to learn more about our past projects.


Give us a call at MDS Home Renovations if you’re interested in boosting your property values or just your mood with an interior makeover. Put our professionals to work for you!

Want to Remodel Your Home or Office?

We have the experience to provide you with quality home improvement solutions in Oshawa.

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